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Contractor Interview

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Before you consider hiring a contractor, ask them these questions...

What is your N.C. Contractors License Number, and what dollar levels are you licensed to contract?

The N.C. Licensing Board for General Contractors number is 919-571-4183. They are a good source to verify contractor limits and status of residential contractors. There are 3 different levels, Limited, Intermediate, and Unlimited that designate the total amount a licensed contractor can build. Most importantly is that although an unlicensed company can contract up to a maximum of $30,000 per project, please ask them, why they are not licensed?

Do you carry general liability and workman's compensation insurance of at least $500,000 or more?

Ask them to have their insurance company send the certificates directly to your home or office.

How long have you been successfully remodeling?

Longevity is critical since 50% of all remodelers go out of business during their 1st year of operations and 90% don't last the first 5 years.

Is this company listed in the White Pages?

If not, they are most likely working out of their pickup truck and may not be around later to honor the warranty.

Are you an active member in a local or national professional trade association?

We are a proud member of “The Remodeler’s Council” of Raleigh Wake County Home Builder’s Association as well as the National HBA. We not only adhere to their ethics guidelines but continue to improve in their continuing education programs.

Do you have a website or do business by e-mail?

The internet is a great source for company information as well as keeping in constant communication.

Have you done this type of project before?

Each time a contractor takes on a new type of project there is always a learning curve, which is difficult under the best circumstances.

Are you willing to provide me with a company profile listing your bank officer and trade references?

If the contractor doesn't measure up, pass him by. A professional contractor will gladly provide such information.

Do you offer a written warranty on your work?

This is a must!



Code of Ethics

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