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Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps the following will answer some of yours.

Should we hire an architect?

Although hiring an architect is an option, it probably is not the best choice for most additions or alterations. A Design/Build remodeler that has the experience and capabilities can design your project within predetermined budgets by understanding true construction costs. The design costs are less and you will receive the benefit of true cost planning.

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Why did I receive such a large difference in prices
on our project?

The simple answer is that you received different sets of products and services. Nowhere is the saying “you get what you pay for” more true than in remodeling. The lowball guys can be scary to have in your home and their subs can be worse. Another reason is your are comparing “apples to oranges”. Even a detailed set of working drawings and specs may not be identified from one contractor to another. There are truly many ways to adhere to the building code without maintaining the best interest for the customer. We find that most customers are comfortable with true value. We are very confident in our competitiveness and encourage cost planning that best adds the value you deserve.

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Is my remodeling contractor required to give me a warranty?

A suprising fact is that North Carolina law does not require written warrantees on all labor and materials. Unless a contract clearly stipulates a warranty, there is no binding warranty to ensure quality workmanship or repair and replacements if required.

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We have never remodeled before. How can we know what to expect?

A competent contractor will help you fully understand the process and keep the communication flow so you will know what to expect next. A typical preconstruction conference will cover many issues such as:

  • Job site access
  • Worker hours
  • Protection of personal property
  • Security
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Storage areas
  • Safety
  • Reuse of materials
  • Debris and dumpster locations
  • Signage
  • Utility interruptions
  • Clean up
  • Parking
  • Portable toilet location
  • Etc.

You should also be provided with a detailed schedule that informs you with not only the item by item construction task dates but also the deadlines of owner product selections to keep you ahead of your contractor’s needs and keeps the project running smoothly.

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We have remodeled before and were disappointed in the lack of responsiveness, daily activity and customer service.

We have developed a set of systems that address these questions. Firstly ALL communication formats is established before construction starts. Daily communication is absolutely a must with us! Secondly, the written schedule is your piece of mind of what to expect on a daily basis. Our construction timelines are our best customer referral assets! Finally, we take care of our clients long after construction. Clients that are not taken care of later will demise any company. We have been in business since 1983 and intend to keep it that way.

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Is it possible to complete our project in phases?

This question seems to be raised by more that any other. It is important that you communicate to your builder the desired “Master Plan”, so even if you are only working on an initial need they can design and prepare for future work. Most customers are apprehensive at first, but we find that once the comfort level is achieved, most clients will add to the scope of work with the final plan in mind.

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What is the typical cost of an addition?

Without fully knowing your unique project it is impossible to accurately project a price using unit or square foot pricing. Utilizing our advanced estimating software we are much more accurate in our base estimating and can then quickly include your specific requirements and project challenges such tie-ins and logistics.

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